Rohde, Copenhagen in regard to the Schouboe cartridges


This new topic is begun for the sole purpose of drawing the attention of our Danish colleagues to another quite current thread on this Forum, “25 collectors read and weep.” Although starting as to do with certain 6.35 mm cartridges found in Denmark aand believed related to the Schouboe series of firearms, the topic has, as is often the case, turned to the better known 11.35 mm series of Danish cartridges for the Ordnance Revolver and the Schouboe auto pistols.

Our colleague “Rea” has led us to more research looking for the significance of the entry “Revolver kAL. 11.35 mm Rohde Copenhagen” under the case numbers 192 thru 192C in the DWM Case Register. The cartridge specifically identified as such is the rimless version - DWM 192B" - commonly found as a headstamp on cartridges known to have been for the 11.35 mm Schouboe self-loading pistol.

I have heard in the past that the number “192” was actually for a revolver cartridge, including the “B” suffix version of that number, and that the case dimensions and the headstamp were simply used to produce the 11.35 mm Schouboe cartridge. Unfortunately, my own lack of familiarity with early European revolvers left me never pursuing that thought.

There is little question that the cartridge DWM 192B in the form as we best know it today was
intended for a pistol, not a revolver. We have a 100-round cartridge box from DWM for the 11.35 MM Schouboe cartridge K DWM K 192B CN FMJ RN bullet, large primer variation, labeled only “100 Stk. Skarpa Patroner til Rekylpistol.”

So, the question is, what can our Danish friends tell us about a “Rohde, Copenhagen,” who I am assuming is a person’s name and the city he was in? Hope you guys can help us.


Apart from the fact that The name Rohde is not a very rare name i Denmark, In connection with firearms it does not turn up, except in that DWM list. I have looked through the Tøjhusmuseet register and found -nothing. Schouboe, captain Jessen, Rasmussen and Madsen are all represented with their inventions, but no Rohde.
There is the slight possibillity that he was a wholesaler of ammunition, or an engineer at DRS involved in in improving one of Schouboe’s pistols after he left the firm.
I’ll put up the question on the danish arms and armour society’s forum and ask the one expert in DISA we have what he knows.


Torben just mailed me and told me that Captain Rohde had a small private business importing DWM ammunition, both in 11,35 mm and for the Schouboe pistol. No connection with D.R.S. apparently.


For continuity, I am going to respond to this on the thread concerning “25 auto collectors read this and weep.” I opened this new “Rohde” thread specifically to draw the attention of our Danish friends, who have been tremendously helpful. I will incorporate their answers with my thoughts on Rohde on the other thread.

Anyone adding anything, please add it to that thread, not to this one, so we can again, have one thread on the Schouboe situation.

John Moss