Rolled Brass .410?

I believe this to be a 410 but the length has me thinking.

Measurements taken as an average over 3 cartridges (The rim and head are within 0.001" of each other but the tubes have been dented over the years).

Rim = 0.529"
Under Rim = 0.480"
End of Head = 0.460"
Brass @ Head = 0.447"
Brass @ Mouth = 0.430"
Weight = 22.4g
O/A Length - 3.251"
The over shot card appears to be very hard (perhaps wax impregnated) I am tempted to unload one to check the contents.
I don’t think the shape of the mouth of the cartridge should be shaped as per the photo, I would put this down to wear & tear over the years, all three checked had very different “dent” patterns at the mouth.

The other 2 I checked have a much smoother finish to the top covering so I used this one for the photo as you can see that it appears to be felt (or similar).but as I said previously it is hard.

I can find no markings on it, but the method of manufacture would lead me to say manufactured by Eley.

Any thoughts anybody.


It looks like a .400 x3 1/4" BPE with the bullet removed or loaded as a shot loading.
Lots of these empty cases were in Australia years ago so not hard to load one.
Yours does look more aged. See what others think.