Romanian 30x165 blank

I just noticed this 30x165 blank load as it is advertized in a ROMARM flyer.
Unfortunately no info given there at all, not even listed to exist.

Can anybody confirm it to be a real blank or may it be a special purpose load?
Any more info available?


Hi Alex,

This cartridge has been exhibited in several shows along the years and also published in a few catalogs. It is a blank for AK 630 guns.

They also offer a 30x210B blank for the AK 230 guns used by the navy.

I saw pictures of both examples in 2008, but I think that some of those dummies are of a much earlier manufacture, probably from the 90’s.



Fede, do you happen to have an image of the 30x210B NN-30 blank?


Thanks a lot Fede!