Romanian 7.62x54R

I need to keep better notes. I have a round of 7.62x54R green tipped tracer with a dark red (darker than the average Soviet) mouth and primer seal. The entire primer is red. The headstamp is blank on top and “87” on the bottom. Somewhere I decided that this was Romanian. I was shown a regular ball round today with the same features dated 82.

  1. Is this Romanian?
  2. Are there other dates of this type?
  3. If this is in fact Romanian, did they stop using the factory code at some point or are there headstamps for these years with factory codes in addition to the ones with no codes?

Thank you in advance for any information.

  1. It is Romanian.
  2. Several other years do exist also on other calibers.
  3. In the 1980s Romania stopped using the factory codes (suspected to keep things more secretive), in the 1990s they started using them again and stopped the use of numerical codes in 2006 (on SAA) - since then letters are used.

Great info. Thank you very much. I think the round I was shown today came out of some surplus on the market. Sounds like I need to get out and find some.