Got a 7.62x54r brass case, the head stamp is •321•, 54.6 and I assume that is Romanian June 1954? Please let me know if I’m correct or not and if it’s rare or not, I literally have no idea on the value of this thing. Thanks.

This is China here.

So is 321 the factory code?


I thought 321 is a Romanian factory, here’s why
Makes me wonder🤔

It is a modern Romanian code. However, for easily over a hundred years, various Chinese warlords and governments have set up cartridge factories using random numbers and symbols, and then changed their headstamp markings when a new regime took over. I’m pretty sure I have seen 321 on Chinese 6.5 Arisaka, 7.62x54R, 8mm Mauser, and 7.62x39…all but the last from the 1950s.


😅well can’t determine where it came from but at least it’s older than me lol

The Chinese " 321 " factory code is discussed in Chinese Ammunition 1870 to Present Day, Ken Elks, 2012; pp 101-102.

321 = Factory code

54.6 = the year 1954, month 6


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And besides headstamps, the Romanian 7.62x54R cartridges don’t come with brass cases. Lacquered steel or bimetal (gilding metal clad steel) more likely.
It is though mentioned that the old mild steel cartridges were manufacturer using brass cases and some tracers and API, but those mentioned are rarities on Romanian soil.


It seems to be widely unknown that the factory codes were not issued by a central entity covering all countries and that every country had its own numeration.
This explains why so many identical codes are existing in a multitude of countries.