Romanian 7.92 Mauser ctge

Green laquered steel case, tombac bullet, red primer annulius, red bullet annulus
Hstp : 22 75

The case is 56 mm long instead of 57 mm.

Some people say it is a regular round, some say it is a sniper round.

What is it in fact ??

In fact it is Romanian

Lol !! Ok for Romanian !
But Sniper or not ?

Well, we all knew what you meant :)

Unfortunately I do not have this info but the Romanian boxes did not have any markings indicating a sniper cartridge.

  • I’m sure that some “smart” guy who cannot even point Romania on the map came with the idea that those 7.92X56 rounds had been made for sniper rifles. The Romanian made 7.92X56 rounds with green lacquered steel cartridge cases manufactured by State plant “22” in 1970s have “LPS” bullets [ LPS = Light Ball with Mild Steel Core] and were not made for sniper rifles. The only one sniper rifle chambered for the 7.92X57 round and used by Romania was the Czech VZ-24 and the Mauser K98 but this happened during WW2. The Romanian made 7.92X56 ammo works very well in bolt action rifles and machine-guns. Liviu 07/26/07

I just bought 400 rounds of this exact ammunition to shoot through a recently acquired K-98 Mauser rifle. The spam can of 380 rounds is marked in a typical fashion, but there are two Romanian words I need the translation of:

“FARA LAME” (the A’s in FARA have a dot over them, but not the A in LAME).

I’m guessing that this means that the ammunition is not packed on 5 round chargers.

This ammunition was not advertised as “sniper” ammunition.


  • @ AKMS: “FARA LAME” means “with NO stripper clips”. On page 9 [IAA Journal issue #433, Sep/Oct '03] there is my drawing showing the meaning of all the black markings painted on the 380-rds green tin cans made in Romania in 1970s which contain 7.92X56 ammo. I should mention that some lots of the Romanian 7.92X56 ammo are packed on 5-rds Mauser type stripper clips which have a black finnish. Romanian made 7.92X57 rounds with brass cartridge cases made in 1955-56-57-58 could be found packed in 5-rds Mauser type stripper clips which have a silver finnish. No markings are stamped on these Romanian 5-rds stripper clips. Liviu 07/26/07

Thank you!