Romanian 7.92 Sniper Ammo?


I found the following on (, in a thread discussing Romanian 7.92x56 ammo that has hit the US in large shooting quantity. Any thoughts?

“OK Guys, here’s the pop. After a long discussion with an ammo collector who works for our Government in Ordnance, I have the information you have been waiting for. It would seen that the Romanian Army had two lots of 8x57 MM made for their sniper rifles. One rifle is the Russian designed Dragonoff, the other rifle the PSL type rifle. Both of these rifles had a “short” chamber that would jamb if a true 8x 57 MM casing was fired in them. Hence your readings of 56. ? something . The Romanian Army did not mark the ammo cans with any ID that would suggest that the ammo was “special”,i.e, a bullet made for long range sniping. The only give away is a very slightly different nose shape that has a slightly longer taper than the standard ball. There were no brass cased “sniper” ammo made with this bullet. The head stamp will be: 22/76. No other markings what-so-ever to give it away. This bullet is very nasty when it hits flesh. Very much like the Mk VII Britt .303 Ball ammo, the nose of the bullet is hollow. When it strikes flesh, the nose bends over causing the bullet to tumble. The wound is massive with an almost certain kill with the first shot. You can see why the Romanian’s wanted to keep this quiet.You have a 50/50 chance of having this special long range sniper ammo. If you do, hang onto it or use it for matches. I have seen the Russian “sniper” ammo selling for $1.00 a round. The Romanian ammo is not 203 grains, as is the Russian ammo. It weighs the same as the ball ammo. Good luck. I’m hoping to hear from some of the members who have this ammo.”

  • Very interesting! The 7.92mm steel cartridge case was made only 56mm tall [normally it should be 57mm tall] not by mistake like some guys have believed. The Romanian made 7.92X56 ammo with green lacquered steel cases imported here in USA is headstamped “22” [State plant #22, I’m almost sure which plant it was] over “72-73-74-75-76-77-78” [two digit dates]. The only one thing that is a question mark for me is the fact that I have NO idea of any 7.92mm sniper rifle used by the Romanians after WW2. In mid-1970s the Romanian Army used as a sniper rifle the “PSL” [“Pusca semiautomata cu luneta” - in Romanian language] which only fired the 7.62X54R round. After 1945 only two weapons [VZ-24 bolt-action rifle & ZB-30 LMG] which fired the 7.92X57 round were still used in Romania, mostly for army training and for reserve units. — Note: In Romania the products of the armament industry and its goal have been a hush-hush subject. Liviu 03/11/07

  • These Romanian made 7.92X56 rounds with green lacquered steel cases are packed in green painted tins which contain 380 rds each. Typical black painted markings are present on these tins [see page 9, Journal #433, Sep/Oct 2003 at my article]. According with these markings, the Romanian made 7.92X56 rimless rounds have “LPS” bullets [LPS —> Light Ball with Mild Steel Core]. The same black markings can be seen on the wooden crates [each containing 2 green painted tins]. Liviu 03/11/07