Romanian 7.92x57 clip from 1970s

I would be looking for images of Romanian 7.92x57 clips as they were made in the 1970s and are being sold now commercially (actually cartridges on clips then).
For some reason I was not able to find them online or elsewhere.

Anybody out there wo can help?

Alex, here is a picture of the clip:

Fede, thanks a lot! Great to know how they looked and that still in the 1970s the "old " design was used.


My friends shop picture of the cans in the crate. The other pictures are mine of the box I bought off him.


Joe, thanks a lot! Good to have images of the cardboard box too!

Alex, you are welcome. Sometimes I am pressed for time, so I do things in a hurry. If anyone ever feels they would like a better quality picture or more detail, please send me a personal email, as I have not been getting notifications of postings or PM’s for a long time. Yes I have checked my settings and still do not know what the problem is.