Romanian 9mmP-Unknown Headstamp Code

I recently ran across the following headstamp. It looks Romanian and the 325 code is listed as Romania. Any idea which factory uses the 325 code.

Cheers, Lew

Lew, interesting cartridge.

325 is “SADU 2 / Societatea Comercială UZINA MECANICĂ SADU - S.A.” in Gorj, Romania

EOD, That makes sense. I was sent the following headstamp which showed up at a crime scene overseas. I can’t get one of the rounds but perhaps others will show up.

There are similar styles in the letters of the headstamp.

The manufacturer is reported to be:
Uzina Mecanica Sadu,
Uzina Mecanica Sadu S.A.
Address : Str. Parangului nr.59 Judetul Gorj
Country : Romania
Phone : 40-25-3463201

John Moss or Luivi or anyone!!! Is it possible to get a short tutorial on the Romanian arsenals since WW II.



Lew I edited my last posting while you made your’s, check it out.

And here the company profile: … adu_sa.htm

And here a head stamp on a 7.62x39 claimed to be commercial: … U.jpg.html

Yes, that 7.62x39mm headstamp is on commercial ammunition available here in the US. It is packaged in very colorful boxes, sealed into 700 round metal cans and sold under the “Hot Shot” brand name.


  • @ Lew: Yes, the factory code “325” is for the Romanian infantry ammunition plant “U.M. Sadu”. On page 39 [IAA Journal # 455, May/Jun '07] I wrote a short history of the “SADU” ammo plant. Romanian made 7.62X39 ammo [“Hotshot”] and having a triple element impressed headsamp showing the maker [“SADU”], a two digit date [“06” or even “07”] and the caliber [“7.62”] has been imported into the USA [see my 4th Addendum on page 54 - IAA Journal # 459, Jan/Feb '08]. —> Lew, the most important Romanian arsenals which manufactured small arms ammunition after 1945 still are “Cugir” and “Sadu”. At “Cugir” was also manufactured 12.7X108 and 14.5X114 ammo but there were also another manufactures as well. After 2002 when Romania joined the NATO forces, ammo having typical NATO calibers was also made in Romania [12.7X99 / .50" at “Cugir”]. I’m familiar with all the ammo plants from Romania but I don’t know the factory code(s) used for the medium and big caliber artillery ammo [23mm, 37mm and up] even if I do know the factories and their locations. For example, which Romanian ammo plant used the code “15”??? A picture of the Romanian headstamp for the 12.7X108 round showing the factory code “15” is on page 7 with my original article about the “Romanian Headstamps Since the Beginning of WW2” [IAA Journal # 433, Sep/Oct '03]. Liviu 03/03/08