Romanian ammo by Romarms

Does anyone know what headstamp this factory uses? Apparently they manufacture military 9x19mm, 7.62x51mm, 12.7x99mm, 12.7x108mm, 14.5x114mm, 7.65x17mm, 9x18mm Mak and hunting cartridges.

The small arms ammunition offered by Romarm is made by Sadu, Cugir and Mija.

Thanks Fede. So they are more of a marketing firm or consortium rather than an actual manufacturer?

Fede, it shoud be UM SADU and UM CUGIR only.

UM MIJA so far makes grenades, aircraft bombs, pyrotechnics and PG variants etc. Also I have found no relation to SAA in their catalogs and profiles and their website is also not mentioning any:

So far also no SAA has been observed with any of their factory codes.

Do you have a reference for Mija making SAA?

Romarm is the official governmental trade organization for arms and military equipment. Many former Warsaw Pact and communist countries have such like Rosboronexport in Russia, Norinco in China, Tasko in Ukraine, MEICO in Albania, AMW in Poland etc., etc.

Alex, I included Uzina Mecanică Mija S.A. because they have a line of LE shotgun ammunition.

Ah, ok, that qualifies them.

Thanks. Yes I was aware of the other marketing firms, but did not know Romania also adopted a Nationalist Marketing company. Their history states they began this in the year 2000 so still a relatively new endeavor. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. I appreciate it.

Blundered into this at the range today.