Romanian made 7.62...?

Hi guys !

I have no info about this cartridge case…
7,62 made in Romania (1931) - Pirotehnia Armatei.

Unfortunately it’s a… destroyed one… ;-(

So… any other details about ?

Thank you !

Lucky you, these are very hard to find! In case you will find headstamp variants please let us know.

Of course !

I just want to know more about it… which weapon…and…

For who… in THAT year (THAT time frame)… ?

I forgot another unknown cartridge (case)…
I really haven’t seen a similar one until now !

Thank you !

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If I am interpreting it right this is a 7.92x57.
What a great find!!! I never saw one!

Very interesting case, the last one! Can you please take some measurements of it so we can confirm its caliber?
Could you measure the rim diameter and inner (minor) diameter of the groove, please?

I tried… ;-)



Thank you!
Yes, it seems to be a 7.92x57 case. Congrats!

Ok ! Thank you !

So… any details/info about it ?

Check out my topic here fore more details:

Exactly what I was afraid of : a post WW2 cartridge…

I wonder … “why” there…in a former WW2 combat zone…? Simply coincidence…? Maybe a ‘hunting party’…?

Interesting somehow… : what is the… the ‘12 o’clock’…? ;-)

A letter G upside down :-)


  • 12 o’clock : G
  • 3 o’clock : 49
  • 6 o’clock : 421
  • 9 o’clock : II (or 11 ?) ???

A 7.92x57 Mauser made AFTER the war…???

Yes, made in 1949.

Some other headstamps on Romanian 7,62x54R
Also existed blank cartridges with qooden bullet loaded in russian and soviet cases