Romanian Md. 71 (7.92x57)

I ran across a bunch of ammunition from the early 1970’s that appears to be similar to the old light ball 7.92x57 ammo. But, it is steel cored, steel cased, and made with dates pushing past the mid 1970’s for a country with no apparent use for said caliber at such a date.
My main concern is not only ‘What was Romania needing 7.92x57 for by the 70’s?’, But mainly why would they design and designate a brand new loading, the 7.92mm “Md. 71” round? Was it simply for export? For their old Vz 24’s? And on a side note, what were the Bulgarians doing making SmE 7.92x57 up into at least the late sixties? I know the Yugoslavians used the round heavily, as evicence by military loadings and lots at such late dates as the turn of the century. But what about Romania, and even Bulgaria?

Some insight seems to be gained with the crates/tins marked Md. 71 PE LAME that has the rounds on standard K98 five round stripper clips. So simply late production Mauser ammo i would guess by the majority being packaged on mauser strippers, correct?