Romanian/SADU 7.62x39-5.56-9mm loads from 2013

Recently I received from an acquaintance in the gun/ammo business rounds in these three calibers. I haven’t seen SADU 9mm dated later than 2008. These rounds are dated 2013 except for the 9mm where the case is dated 2012 but the box is dated lot 1 of 2013. The 5.56 were loose packed. The 7.62 were in a white 20rd box with no markings. The 9mm box is new to me and is pictured below.

Has anyone noticed this ammo being sold commercially??? I have no idea who is bringing it in.


The brass headstamps look as if the bunters were made by a primary school dropout. One is tempted to assume that quality control for the other components of the cartridges is at a comparable level.
I do not know how other shooters feel, but one look at the headstamp and the immediate reaction is: no thanks. Even if being paid for it, I would not shoot this ammunition.

Excellent find Lew, thanks a lot for sharing the images. More stuff to document now…