Romanian Tokarev Headstamps

I got these pics from 2 sources. One was a Hungarian collector and the other I don’t recall. Might even been here on the IAA Forum, but I can’t find them. I recall both sources saying they were of Romanian origin, but I can’t be sure. I’m pretty sure that all the “H” variations are 7.62 Tokarev, but not so sure on the “G” headstamp, although it was reported as Tokarev at the time. Does anyone remember them posted here or another place? Any comments as to their origin?


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Jon, we discussed them here.
They exist in 7.62x25, 9x19 and 7.62x54R (the lower one in your pics).

I think there is no doubt that these are Romanian.

I thought so but couldn’t find the post. Can you?
You don’t recall a “G” in Tokarev?

Here is the previous thread:

Jon, the G I know only from 7.62x54R and 9x19.

So would this be correct?
SADU: G, 22, 22 RPR. Cugir: H, 21, 21 RPR, 111.

EOD. Can you post a picture of the “G” headstamp in 9 x 19 mm? If considered not relevant to this thread, could you start another with a picture of that headstamp.

John M.

John, the images are in Fede’s link above.

So would this be correct?
SADU: G, 22, 22 RPR. Cugir: H, 21, 21 RPR, 111.

I can confirm for all except 111, I am still not sure about which factory that came from (but seems to “fit” with the others).

Thank you!

I still think the 3-digit numbers on the “H” and “G” cases are not a factory code.

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I second that, especially that we also have the “121” variation on the 7.62x54R, and having both G/H and 111/121 on the same headstamp means that one is a factory code and the other one isn`t.

Good to hear that from somebody who is much closder to it all and at least is in posession of such samples. Much appreciated!