Romanian Tokarev

Because of the plotical changings in 1953, the Hungaian ammo factories switched to manufacturing metal goods for the civilian population. Ammo manufacturing started again only in 1960 in Matravideki Femmuvek (23) and Bakony Muvek (21). Andezit Muvek (22) closed definityvely in 1954. It is imaginable that both Hungary and Romania produced 7.62 mm Tokarev with headstamp 22 52. In my collection there are 7.62 mm Tokarevs with headstamp 22 52 of different font types.

Mihaly Toth

  • @ John Moss: I have no precise idea when Cugir started to manufacture 7.62X25 Tokarev ammo in Romania but this happened definitely starting after 1945, most probably during the late 1940s or earlier in 1950s. The latest date of a Romanian made 7.62X25 Tokarev round I have is the year 1985 (headstamped “22” over “85”). Unfortunately there a lot of unanswered questions and let’s not forget that a lot of actions and decisions connected with the military make NO sense. Liviu 10/15/09