Romax 10g Black Shell

What’s the story of Romax? I found only one topic under “Romax” and it did not say too much.

Romax is a brand by the United Stated Cartridge Company… They produced black powder shells

Vlad, the Romax was one of the “Black Shell” classes made by USCCo. It was designed to be loaded with black powder and made with a 5/16" brass head. This trademark was first used in commerce on April 25, 1911.


There may be more to the subject, but basically, there was the premium high base Ajax and medium based Climax loaded with smokeless powder and the Romax with a low base loaded with black powder. These were the U.S.C.Co.'s “Black Shells” using waterproofed black paper. My limited resources on the subject have the Romax line being manufactured from at least as early as the late 'teens to at least as late as the early 1930’s, though the Climax brand goes back to at least the 1890’s. I’m sure there are some shotshell collectors out there who would be able to add much more to (or correct) my limited information on the topic.

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