Ron Fuchs books google drive links, 5.56x45 and 12.7x99



Thank you!

Is that the last version published by Ron or is this now a newly ammended version?

It’s the last one, no amendments.

Are these references worthy of posting on the IAA Reference section. so we don’t have to worry that they will disappear from the other location?

Yes John

Ron Sr. has dropped off the scene. His son Ron may have some input about it. I shall see what I can find out.

Although as they are open sourse & not copyrighted no reason why we couldn’t, though it would be respectful to ask first.

Because I’m crazy, I concatenated all of the PDFs into single PDF links (in addition to all the individual chapters).

5.56x45 - 3452 pages

12.7x99 - 1182 pages


Jestertoo, WOW! Thanks a lot!
This is great to have as it makes searches much easier in some respects!

As an alternative, in Acrobat you can use the “Advanced Search” option that allows you to search words inside multiple pdf files without opening them, because this is done automatically if a matching word is found. There is no need to merge them.