Ron Fuchs reference books


I wanna know if Ron Fuchs is still working on his reference books?
Or if somebody other continue his work?

“Frank,” from our Forum, I believe, has taken on the task of trying to update the .223 work. I don’t know about the .50 Caliber.

Manuel & John

For personal reasons, Ron Fuchs has been out of the cartridge collecting scene for sometime. I’m sure that anyone who knows Ron personally or who is familiar with his great work in both .223Rem / 5.56x45 and .50BMG /12.7x99 wishes him the very best and we hope to hear from him again soon.

John, I am not attempting to update Ron’s complete lists in either calibers. At this time and with the assistance of several other IAA members I am just trying to update Ron’s, head stamp list for the .223/ 5.56. Currently I have about twenty new or revised h/s’s to add to the list. These are all confirmed either by inspection, photos or documentations from manufacturers.

Hopefully some “NEW” items will show up at SLICS. So if you plan to attend and you have a goodie to share… I’ll be there.

Frank - I cannot be at SLICS this year. My situation has not changed.

Is there any news or new editions of Ron’s databases on 5.56x45 and 12.7x99?

No :-(

Hi Frank, IMG_20181014_0001

it was my birthday about 2 weeks ago and my son and wife got me a few cartridges from a fellow collector as my present.

When I looked this up in Ron’s guide it is not there!!! F is Portugal and F 28-77 came from Will in South Africa… I will get you better pictures if you do not have this yet.


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Time for a data base for all to add to and enjoy.

Yes, you seem to have the resources and time. Suppose it would be quiet easy to put up a standard format that if you come across something not on the data base you fill in the info and add it to the data base…

Thank you, yes if we can come up with a program, we all could enter data and then we all could learn more, as far as me having the time ? no more then you do.

Not to start this thread again, but everyone entering stuff is a data base will not ever work.

I’ve seen this before & someone forgets or adds a a dot out of habit & all of a sudden we are all looking for the dot that does or doesn’t exist.


David i will make the time, I just don’t have the knowledge, computer skills or resources… I have only been collecting for about 4 months so even if i had the computer skills I am not the guy for the job YET!!!


No problem, this will take time to figure out.

You have a right to your opinion Pete, we agree to disagree. God Bless, Dave

Pete I never thought that far… Scanning could solve that problem though.

SASavage Yes it could, provided the scan quality was good. As we have all seen here photographs / scan quality differs drastically from one poster to another.

No cropping, too dark, too light, out of focus, & the list goes on, & on.

BUT that said it just might be the answer.