Ross Rifle Company .303


Does anyone have an example of the headstamp on the 1914 .303 Mark VII production by the Ross Rifle Co.?

I know what the 1915 round looked like, but I understand that the 1914 round had a headstamp that included “CANADA”.



Tony: Such a cartridge is described in Pete de Coux’s latest catalog; he’s the man to ask. Jack


You can download a preview copy from my site. link below (the www button) or use
Should you care to bid, & you would be most welcome to do so, please click the link to purchase a catalog.


Thanks chaps.

I had already downloaded your catalogue Pete, but had not got round to going through it!



I have this cartridge with the following headstamp
R.R.Co.CAN. .280 ROSS.
It has the same pointed CN bullet as Pete’s,but a flat brass primer.


Hi Dick
Am I understanding correctly you have a .303 inch with a .280 Ross headstamp?


The ctge I have is a .280 Ross.
I was trying to point out that the R.R.Co. headstamp that includes “CAN.” is also on the .280 Ross.