Round 2 - 7.62 x 39 Headstamp Identification - HELP

Does anyone recognize these headstamps? Any help would be appreciated.
#5 reads 80, #6 reads 84, #7 reads 85, #8 reads 87

5, 6, 7 & 8 are all Romanian manufacture with a clandestine headstamp whereby only the date is shown.

Romanian yes, but not clandestine. The “year only” headstamp is typical of Romanian production in the 1980’s. I saw a lot of Romanian 7.62x39mm and 7.62x54r in Kuwait back in 1991. I’ll bet there is still a lot of it in Iraq to this day.

#1 is Syrian

#2-#4 are all Iraqi as far as I know. The specimen I have came out of Iraq at least… Actually, I am not sure if this headstamp style has been positively identified.


The 2004 date would contradict a manufacture in Iraq, no?
Seems to be supplied from “outside”.

  1. Iran
    2-4. Syria

I was told that hst 2 was a Syrian contract for Iraq. I had a number of these that all came out of Iraq. That said, I wouldn’t try to explain the 2004 date.

Are you saying that Syrian ammo could not have entered Iraq in 2004?

No Jon, I meant exactly what I said, that I won’t try to explain it. I can think of a number of reasons a Syrian 2004 date could get into Iraq, but they would all be conjecture on my part and contribute little to the Forum.

Had I meant to say that Syrian ammo could not have entered Iraq in 2004, then that is what I would have said!

You are right Jon, #1 is Iranian. The headstamp is typical of Syrian export, but I did not look close enough at the date and poor headstamp impression!

I am not convinced that #2-#4 were made in Syria. The lack of primer crimp and the headstamp style do not compare with known Syrian products. The bold, somewhat crude headstamp speaks to Iran, but again, the lack of primer crimp and the many known Iranian rounds that have turned up in Iraq also do not support this theory. Sometime after 2000, much of the ammunition production machinery from the Lugansk factory in Ukraine was reportedly sold out from under the government there and shipped to Yemen, if I recall correctly. I suspect that these rounds were made there on this machinery. The production years being after 2000 and the fact that there are no known similar cartridges of known provenance might support this theory of mine.


Didn’t the Iranian with no maker’s mark come off a ship full of Iranian weapons destined for Hezbollah that was captured by the Israelis? They then sold it as surplus to the USA.

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I haven’t heard the Ukraine/Yemen connection before. Previous reliable reports point to Syria, but nothing is definite.

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