Round ID

Hello Fella’s,
I cant remember what Mr. John Scott told me this round was. I was waiting for the Ohio Cartridge Show in March 2014 so that i could ask him again. I am hoping that we are still are having a Ohio show come this March
My question is: i have a round that has an overall lenght of 6 1/2 inches. Brass case length of 113.69 mm. Bullet Dia 14.87. Neck dia 16.4. Base Dia before the rimless groove is 26.87 mm. Dia at the shoulder is 25.49. Rim dia is 26.95. primer dia of 9 mm and appears to have a ring crimp. Headstamp K with 2 stars at opposite sides of each other and a date of 17. The tip is painted black over red.
At first i thought this Kynoch that was made in 1917 was a 14.5x114 but everything i read does not go back to 1917. Thanks For Any Help.

I haven’t memorized my Soviet loading codes, and for that I apologize to the membership. However, what you do have is a Soviet 14.5mm MG round. The ‘K’ is the date code for 1956.

Jon, #17 is Barnaul (BPZ).

Thank You Kindly Fella’s

I know that, Alex, I was referring to the black/red tip code.

That is API (B-32).