Royal Ammunition Co. Of Thailand

I found this website several nights ago and thought that I’d share it with everyone since it was completely new to me.

Says that the factory was established in 2003 and they catalog four handgun calibers with four loadings in 9x19mm, .38Spl. & .45ACP and two loadings for .38Super. (Looks like four more 9x19 and .38Spl. cartridges to add to my ever-growing WANT list).

The “RAI” headstamp may be a new one for everyone (and you too Lew!) to add to their notes.

Has anyone come across any of these cartridges in the U.S. yet?

So far, I have two 9mm headstamps from this company, “R A I 9MMLUGER” and “RAI 08 9MM LUGER.” I have not seen any of their .45 or .38 Super headstamps yet.

Other Thai pistol-caliber headstamps are “T-A” and “THAI ARMS” representing that company, with some of it made by Sellier & Bellot in the Czech Republic, and “BM” for “Bullet Master.” We have the “BM” headstamp in both 9mm Para and .45 auto. It may (or may not) exist in other calibers. A lot of Thai ammo seen has been loaded in current Winchester cases, and a .45 Auto with only the caliber marking - no factory designator - and also made by Sellier & Bellot, has been found in Thailand.

IPSC is probably the cause of so many countries making and using .38 Super now. It used to be that the .38 ACP/38 Super case type was popular in exactly two countries on earth, the USA, and perhaps to even a greater shooter per capita level, Mexico. Now, seems like the cartridge is made in many places, with Thailand and the Philippines coming immediately to mind.

Interesting how a relatively old, and not hugely successful cartridge can become resurrected by the advent of a new shooting sport. Of course, that has happened with many of the old U.S. Revolver and rifle cartridges due to Cowboy Action Shooting and its off-shoots (no pun intended).

Thai boxes are quite colorful. I have a number of them from different makers and in different calibers. One of these days before long, I will scan them all for a thread on them.

John Moss

The boxes on the website are almost identical to the current Agulia boxes. Makes me think the ammo, or at least the cases were made by Aguila! I wonder if this is where the ***** headstamps went! Seriously, I don’t think the 5-star Agulia hsts were made for Royal Ammunition. I also have both the RAI 9mm Luger and the RAI 08 9mm Luger. I had a pic of the RAI 06 9mm Luger and the box sent to me out of Cambodia, but the brand name on the box was marked Olympic Arms and Ammunition, not Royal Ammunition so all is not clear on who is who over there. Olympic and Royal Ammunition list the same town in their address so they may be the same organization. The two RAI cases I have were made by Armscorp of the Philippines. In fact the RAI 08 9mm Luger came from their booth at a trade show in Europe. I don’t know of any of these headstamps that have shown up in the states.

The boxes on the website are very interesting. They are almost identical except for the Royal logo in the upper right in place of Aguila, Fewer markings under the caliber and in the black band on the bottom and the load is not indicated in the blue area. My bet is that these were supplied by Aguila, other explainations would have to be pretty contrived.



Hi Lew,

Here are some pictures of box labels from Royal Ammunition Company. Royal, Titanium, and Olimpic Arms (Note odd spelling of “Olimpic”) are, in my opinion, all the same company - perhaps name changes as time went on, but the same facility. The way to check these sometimes is look at the bar code number. Everyone of these boxes, using three different brand names, has the same bar code number, 01-6550555. They al show the location as Nakhonsawan, Thailand, and the two that have complete addresses show the same, Tha Tako Road. Those that show it show offices in Bangkok.

I cannot comment on the newer Aguila Boxes, because I don’t have any of them, nor do the current catalogs show any of the box art at all.

Boxes and comments from John L. Moss

I emailed Royal Ammunition about their headstamps and who they work as I too have the RAI headstamp by Armscor, Phillipines for Royal Ammunition…Here is what their brief reply was:

“We can supply you High Resolution photos of our headstamps, so please specifiy what photos or what calibers are you interested in. Regarding manufacturing, we do cooperate with Armscor, but they are not the only supplier, unfortunately due to agreements I can’t provide you with more information regarding this.”

Cartridge corner - Ask for high resolution photographs of every caliber they have their own headstamp on! Then post them here! You will be doing everyone a favor, and since you have established the contact already, and it is you they offered them to, you shoud follow up on this. It might be wise to put in something about if they don’t have photos of every caliber, you would be happy to receive all those that they do have photos of. Unfortunately, that will probably encourage them not to photograph all of them, so it is a two-edge sword, as it might also make them more likely to respond. Your call, of course.

john Moss

absolutely I will post what they send me. I said I would take all they could send…starting with the 9mm to make Lew happy :)

Will Try and post what they sent me. They said this is their current offering. This is my first attempt.



Cartridgecorner, so far so good. I’m looking forward to getting a better look at the JHP bullets used for their 9mm & 38Spl loads. Thanks for your time and effort in posting the pics!

Great work Cartridge Corner, getting them to send the pics. I have the 9mm headstamp, but has never seen the .45 one, although I do have .45 headstamps from Bullet Master and Thai Arms. I don’t collect .38s but that one is interesting as well. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all of us interested in this stuff!

John Moss