Royal Ammunition Thailand-Aguila Connection


A friend sent me the webpage for Royal Ammunition in Thailand I was surprised that the boxes illustrated are a dead ringer for the Mexican Aguila box.

Aguila Box

Royal Ammunition Box from Thailand

Headstamp on Royal Ammunition 9mmP

I assume Royal Ammunition is buying ammo from Aguila. Does anyone have more information?




Yes. when I put pics on this forum, for the RAI headstamp (38 spl and 9mm) awhile back after getting the pics directly from the company they stated in their email to me that they have “agreements” with Aguila, Armsor Phillipines, SB and others who they would not disclose. Hope this helps.


From the Royal Ammunition website, it appears their products are intended for commercial sale. Are they exporting or what? I’ve not heard of them.


Also on their website are some of their customers. Here it is below.
Welcome to Royal Ammunition

Royal Ammunition was established in 2003 to assemble / load & pack center fire small caliber ammunition and quickly became well known among customers for its product quality, accuracy and performance. We’re proud to count the following among our customers:

•Royal Guards
•Royal Thai Army
•Royal Thai Navy
•Royal Thai Police
•Royal Thai Air Force
•Ministry of Defense
•Department of Special Investigation
•Ministry of Interior
•Local Administration Department
•Royal Thai Army Shooting Range
•Shooting ranges and guns shops around Thailand