Royal Arms 12ga Breaching

I noticed tonight that Royal Arms has revamped their website, and that they now offer smaller quantities that are much more affordable in terms of collecting to get the boxes and sample rds. It used to be that they didn’t sell to anyone other than law enforcement or agency, and then a year ago I noticed they were selling to anyone, but only as 12rd boxes which were around $65+ per box. Now however, the 4 breacher types are available as 5rd boxes for around $25 per box, and they are all different, unique manufactured loads of different weight, not just a common frangible copper slug. The one load that is still L.E.O. restricted is a 5th type; their “H.P. Cutter” which is a steel hollow point slug meant for blasting rebar or steel cage security doors.

I see that Botach Tactical does offer the H.P. Cutter load, along with others, which they do not describe as restricted, and I tried an order through them, we’ll see what happens.