RPG-7 video

Interesting little video of a soldier who was impaled by an RPG.

NOTE: some of the scenes are of the actual surgery to remove the ordnance piece.

militarytimes.com/multimedia … g_surgery/

The EOD person in the video clip mentioned that the live detonator was still intact in the piece of the RPG inside the soldier. How large and how powerful is this detonator?


Pretty unique event, thanks for the video.

In one of the volumes from the “Time-Life” book series on the Vietnam War, there is a similar story. A South Vietnamese soldier was hit by an 81mm (?) mortar bomb. It went in around his collar bone and lodged in his chest cavity, still live… The story showed the x-ray of the whole mortar bomb in his chest and that he survived the ordeal after a brave surgeon removed the ordnance…


Pretty overdone in my opinion - a good example of nowadays media.

The booster of the PG-7 needs electric currency from the top piezo element which was on the warhead which broke away before. Since the piezo was not present anymore there was nothing to worry about.

That Vietnamese guy had a 60mm round in his chest if I recall right.

Similar things happened to Russian soldiers with their 40mm VOG-25 and VOG-25P grenades. Of those I know of had it in the jaw and another guy one in his upper leg.

Thank you EOD. I too thought it was a little dramatized and your description of the functioning of the booster makes sense…

I think you are right about the mortar bomb being a 60mm. I no longer have the book to reference…


This round also missed the booster too…

This fact can be seen also on the x-ray:

Vince, yes maybe, I did not stop the video and thought it might have been crused and pressed into the fuze body. So I referred to the worst possible situ which was still not as dramatic as they said. If the detonator is really off then it was not worse than a fence pole.

Media is a dangerous tool and noone in public knows who is controlling it.