RPG Booster?

Can someone clarify what this might be? I was told an RPG booster but I have no idea how this would work since RPGs that I’ve run into use tracer rounds from small arms calibers for training purposes. I’m sure Alex will know something here…

image image image image

This is a dummy booster/launching charge from a training PG-15 round. People commonly mistakenly call them RPG rockets but they are a recoiless round.

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Ok thanks. Do you know how these work? How they operate?

Just google PG-15, 2A28 Grom and SPG-9. There is tons of info online.

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Yea I did, it all says inert but I’m wondering if the booster is also inert, or intended for actual training use.

Ok, I finally found something… thanks

Yeah its inert, from a training one.

The propellant case here (detachable by a bayonet lock) is not for a recoilless weapon but for the 73mm 2A28 low recoil tank/IFV gun. Made in Czechoslovakia btw.
Do not confuse it with the recoilless SPG-9!
And nothing at all here is related to anything “RPG-like”. (every time folks on TV and in the web are raising this term my blood pressure goes up)

Both guns do use the same projectiles which are PG-9 rocket (HEAT) and OG-9 fin stabilized projectile (HE-Frag).
When combined with the case the round becomes a PG-15V (HEAT) or a OG-15V (HE-Frag).

And no “boosters” here. Not in the 2A28 nor in the SPG-9.

Thanks Alex, I knew it wasn’t recoiless, but wasn’t sure what it was. Is this all just for looks or is there any charge in these “boosters”? A buddy has a case of these and thinks if he finds a tube he can shoot these as trainer dummies, like a rifle grenade trainer, but I told him I thought it was all completely inert but wasn’t sure…

Henry, it is basically a normal propellant case with a charge inside. Just that there is that pivot with the bayonet lock on.
And yes, these red ones are inert dummies.

Your friend has a 2A28 gun?

Alex, I don’t know what a 2A28 gun is but I doubt he has one lol. Now I have something else to look up…

Thank you Alex for your steadfast and persistent facts on the subject matter. After taking the time to look up the 2A28 and the SPG9, what these are clearly have nothing to do with RPG’s. The booster charge is what made me question it all anyway but it’s been 25 years since I’ve had my hands on an RPG. After a lot of internet searches I see many places selling these as inert RPG rockets, with boosters lol…

My friend gave me one because I explained to him what they are. Thanks everyone for the education here. Larger ordinance is also very interesting but complex as well, so much out there. Thanks KS and Alex…

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Nice specimen in nice shape, congrats.

Some vids of the Grom firing.

And here is the reticle from the 1PN22M2 sight introduced in 1974, when the new OG-15V HE rounds were implemented. Left side drop markers are for the PG-15V, right side are for the OG-15V.
Notice the rather extreme drop of the OG compared to the PG (OG drops more at 600m than PG does at 1300).


Real cool video and reticle! I read that the PG-15V HEAT round weighs 3.47 kilograms and uses a 2.6 kg RDX explosive charge in the warhead while the OG-15V weighs 4.57 kilograms and uses a TNT bursting charge. The OG-15V is loaded by hand as it is too short to be handled by the autoloader.

These differences would explain the huge difference in drop between the two, and the max effective range of 4500 meters for the PG and only 1300 meters for the OG.

I’m sure Alex could elaborate better than I can.


Awesome! What’s the bottom one?

The biggest difference in range is not due to the weight, but that the PG has a rocket motor while the OG is simply a projectile.

That is the OG-9 HE-Frag projectile.

Jeff, you may try to find the correct fuze for that one.

If you’ve got one, send it to me. Since I returned home the supply of former WP components is much more difficult to come by.