RPG subcaliber trainer?

Does anyone have good pictures of the RPG subcaliber trainer cartridge and the device it is used in? It appears to be a 7.62x39mm tracer cartridge in the front and a 7.62x39mm blank cartridge in the rear, but the two are joined together by a central “hub” that has a primer on the bottom, presumably to align with the RPG firing pin.

Who made these? Are the two 7.62x39mm cartridges actual unmodified cartridges or are they modified in some way to fit this device?



This combined cartridge was made in Czechoslovakia. This variation shows an API (black over red tip) bullet and a blank with purple tipped petal crimp (ignites a 12 ga. blank to provide noise and back blast).

There is another variation with a tracer bullet (green tip).

Both rounds with lacquered steel case and die-cast metal union.

Yes, this is the item I was asking about. Any idea what the die-cast metal union looks like inside or how this combined cartridge is used? The few pictures I have seen of these devices had only tracer bullets and blanks with the normal length neck. API seems odd for a training cartridge unless the impact of the bullet was supposed to ignite the incendiary charge so the shooter could see the impact? Also, the color of the case lacquers on the ones I have seen suggest manufacture somewhere else besides Czechoslovakia. Of course several countries could have made these…