RSS Feed Available or What is that little Orange Rectangle?

An RSS feed for the forum is available:
If you are already using a feed aggregator, you can cut and paste the above URL, subscribe via Bloglines or use Firefox’s Live Bookmarks.
What is RSS? There is more information available on the web than I could ever possibly condense and explain here in a posting. If you’d like to read more about RSS, visit these sites:
… or Google RSS.

Let me thank say thank you very much to all who was involved in adding such feature to the forum! It’s great improvement!

You are welcome. I love RSS and I just needed some time to implement here. More “web 2.0” stuff is up my sleeve…

This RSS feed is a killer! Thanks Chris… but is it possible to get rid of the General Ammunition etc. lines? Or place them after the object?? I know I’m looking at the RSS (Firefox livefeed)…;-) Or mayby there is an option in Firefox I don’t know about??

That the way its set up in the code. It’s reading the full header for the article. I can work on it. It feeds off all the forums, so if something gets posted in tech, bs&t (if it ever sees the day of light) you can see what forum it’s coming from. But it’s probably excess. I’ll work on it.