RUAG 7.5x55 special purpose ammunition

I had the luck to have been introduced to the new RUAG 7.5x55 special purpose ammunition and thought I share it here.


Thanks for sharing Alex. What kind of “special purpose” is this?

Fede, I see I should have been more precise.

The special purpose in this is very delicate I think.

See yourself:


Edible dummies! I thought it was ammunition that came from the future. Who made this?


RUAG! These are highly official factory advertisements/presents.

Ok, the chocolate was made for them by a Swiss chocolate factory.

The date on the box is not the production date as it would be on real ammo. RUAG had to apply to marking laws for groceries where the expiry date has to be given so what we see on the box is the “best before” date.



Did you get a full case of 480 edible dummies?


I wish!
But then there would be an imminent danger of an explosion (i.e. my pants ripping away at light speed).

Bad cartridges! Bent…curved… Completely worthless. (Yes, I want a box!)

Yes, it had a long trip during summertime…

What velocity does chocolate become armor piercing?

no information about the headstamp included, your slipping Alex

One looks to be for shooting around corners? or “down the hatch”

Pretty cool.

When the consumer reaches 240 pounds it will pierce all sort of things.
Mainly pants and chairs…

Pete, I got distracted for a moment (absolutely no idea why) and by the time I thought of the headstamp the ammo was depleted!
Think of the old saying: there is no such thing like too much ammo!

As the thread title is saying “special purpose”. But RUAG did not disclose on the exact purpose as it is all highly classified! I think it could also be special bio hazard ammo to affect metabolism of possible targets.
But I have to admit it went very straight and I feel no serious side effects! Just my pants feel a bit uncomfy since and it appears my arms got 1" shorter as it became harder to reach the keyboard…
But as always true research comes with personal sacrifices!


Ah Ha disintegrating ammunition, add body-fluid and the evidence disappears.
For spies & clandestine uses.

Maybe this is the so-called magic disappearing bullet mentioned so often in spy movies?

Nice, I need to find some .25 moulds, so I can start producing for my chocolate guns :)

OMG, here in dogooder Germany this would be considered “luring kids into gun interest”.
People would organize flash demonstrations and lefts would come along and neccessarily vandalize a whole city… (as there is nothing positive they can catch attention with).

For making chocolate .25s you easily can make a simple mold yourself I think. Basically like a mold for lead bullets. Just the extractor groove will be missing.

“Carrying a gun” gets a whole new and yummy meaning then!

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Just don’t use bullet moulds that have already been used!

Definitely don’t use lead bullet molds for chocolate.

Guys, I did not say to use used bullet molds!
I expected that this is needless to say and actually had in mind to make one up by oneself.