RUAG Action and other rounds


I was just looking at the RUAG site and saw some interesting headstamps illustrated.

All the RUAG line of 9x19mm is illustrated with this style headstamp as are other calibers I checked on the website.

Has anyone seen seen this style headstamp? I suspect it is only an illustration for the website, but you can never tell.




Lew, I have a RUAG contact if you are interested, a very old friend of mine. We go back many years.

Dave Cooper
Sales Manager
RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd

He won’t be able to help you because they don’t sell that type of ammunition in the UK but I am sure he will be able to put you in touch with someone. Say that Vince Green (formerly of Kodak) gave you his name. I last bumped into him in August at Bisley and he said anytime.


Very pleasant render. Your friend managed to create a successful scene. Illumination very correctly shows materials of components of cartridges. Cartridge model to make easily, but to create visualization with correct light and a structure of materials difficultly.

p.s. The deformed bullets are matchless!


Vince, Thanks! I’ll drop him an email. The RUAG website shows all their loads with this style headstamp, even the FMJ ball.