RUAG Green Range 9mm solid brass in U.S

I wanted to wait until I received this latest shipment before posting about it, because I wasn’t sure I would actually receive them. Not that I was worried that the ATF would swoop in and do anything about these, they aren’t worth it, and are no legitimate harm. I just kept wondering if anyone would point out to the retailer that these were technically illegal to import without a FFL-11 license.

These 94gr “Green Range” solid brass projectile loads from DAG are just fancy high-grade lead free trainers for the other 94gr duty loads such as Action 4 or 5 SFX I presume? The issue with these is that back in 1986 the Federal Government in the U.S. passed a law regarding pistol caliber armor piercing ammunition which had the technology branch of the ATF finally work out that monolithic projectiles or projectiles with a core of brass, iron, steel, etc… were to be considered armor piercing (the whole thing is absurd), and would thus require a harder-to-obtain FFL-11. They had silly things on the official list such as brass hollow points, or obscure gimmick ammo that never penetrated anything. This made it illegal to import ammo or manufacture pistol ammo such as this without such a license, but leaves possession, use, and sale perfectly legal. Law Enforcement in the U.S. usually considers ammo like this illegal whether they are or not, and sometimes they are in a certain few states due to state laws, but 99.9% of the time, both enforcement and prosecution don’t know or care anything about these. Criminals never use anything like it. It’s mostly just politicians who will occasionally puff smoke about such ammo and make up false claims.

The irony is that these Green Range loads, although solid brass and fitting the definition of the federal law, are definitely not as capable in terms of penetration as such otherwise legal loads like the lead free stuff from Fort Scott, G9, or Liberty Ammo, and so are pointless to enforce against. The online retailer has sold out of the cases and boxes that they had, couldn’t have been more than 50 1000rd cases worth it looks like. As far as I could find, there were two retailers who had them in stock in recent months, one in Louisiana, one in North Carolina, now both out of stock. Both of these retailers are FFL-6 in terms of normal import potential.

These look like 2011, and both of the locations online show boxes with this same lot number.

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