RUAG / MEN ammo sections

I stumbled across a web address that is a dissertation of sorts by somebody and the file is a .pdf. It is a study of ballistics apparently (in German), and on pages 30 - 35 it shows some really neat section work done of the RUAG and MEN action-type projectiles.

Some all brass, some all copper, with several HP variants. Further on in the study you can see photos of how they set up a dead pig in a leather jacket, put it in a vehicle, and then shot through the glass into the pig. Sounds like “Mythbusters” type stuff to me.

I wonder if the testers were laughing, as much as I would be, while dressing that pig. Never got too carried away with documentation, but was involved in a “field study” shooting a variety of calibers and guages at car glass. Nothing near as scientific as these folks. We didn’t have any dead pigs or spare leather jackets layin’ around. It appears their efforts to design an effective projectile proved successful. Great sectioning. Which reminds me…COTM Jan '09???