RUAG new products

Yes, that new face recognizing software could do what you wish but so far I fear it will work only against us.

There is a bug in our digital comms right now (again - 21st century at it’s peak) but as you relayed it through a well known suspect all worked fine! Thanks, will come back on that separately.

I think the problem with the box photo is Greek Sargent’s don’t work quite as well as Swiss cops on Swiss boxes?

but one is just as photogenic as the other.

Matt is there an image available of that odd frangible?

Here is the display from Milipol. You can see how the display card for the one on the left is blank, and that is the oddball. Being a frangible is based on information from RUAG’s marketing director, Sabine Brechbuehl, who said the new one is meant to minimize richochet & backsplashes.

The new frangible is designed for short-range training use, like the other SR rounds in RUAG’s collection, so the range safety space required is drastically reduced. The design has not yet been finalised, hence no further info is currently available. It is expected to be launched around the middle of next year.

I hope the accuracy of the 7.5 is like GP11, or better. Lots of K31 rifles here in the US, but the good surplus ammo is thinning out.

Definitely! Though, are the only weapons in 7.5 Swiss today MGs? If so the utmost accuracy might not be as high of a priority as when infantry rifles were chambered in the same caliber.

I really do hope some RUAG comes stateside regardless. Quality is superb & I’ve been following them for a bit. They offer a couple cartridges that would compliment my small collection very nicely.