Rubin and d'Audeteau


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I have many cartridges listed as being developed by Colonel Rubin. Unfortunately I don’t know a thing about them. Is there a good reference on Rubins’ developments that anyone can recommend?

I have the same question about Major Louis d’Audeteau. Mr. Huon lists many of d’Audeteau’s cartridges, but has little information about the development and history of the cartridges. I’m guessing very little exists. Is there a good reference source for French experimental cartridges and d’Audeteau?

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Bill Woodin is a d’Audeteau fan – you might write/call him.


Thank you TBStreet.


I just begin to post one part of my draws for Daudeteau n°11 & 12, Rws made… on the top of the page :
more are coming after
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