Ruger Carbine experimentals

The Ruger Carbine experimentals in .30, .35 and .40 caught my eye in the Hoffman Auction.
A google search revealed nothing so I thought I would ask here.
I am guessing they were part of the development of the Ruger 44mag semi auto carbine but never reached production.
Any info welcomed.

I have a 40 Ruger carbine made out of a 284 Winchester casing and would also like to know some history on it.


1st or prototype, don’t know which

Can you publish any photos of these? I have never even heard of them, not that they necessarily fit my field.

John Moss

0.398" Bullet diameter at mouth.
1.488" case length.
0.495" base diameter.
0.468" Rim diameter.
0.431" case diameter at mouth.
0.418" shoulder diameter.
1.096" case length to top of shoulder.
0.392" neck length.

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Nice - I will start a file for this.

John Moss