Russia O.K. Headstamped .42 Berdan


I have been asked to identify an old rifle cartridge, but I was only shown a few pictures of it.

The round in the picture looks like the .43 Spanish round, but I don’t have the cartridge in my hand for measurement.

The key may be in the headstamp: At 12 o’clock it says “O K” in plain block letters. at three o’clock there is a number “6”, at six o’clock a number “1”, and at nine o’clock there is a number 8. Does this information give you any idea who loaded this round and if it is a .43 Spanish or not.


Hi Ron,

    Sounds like a russian made .42 Berdan. 

    KO = Кольчу́гино = Kolchugino (town located in Vladimir Oblast)