Russian 12,7 VSSK Sniper gun

Just found these pics of the new russian Sniper rifle at a chinese site.

(Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya Krupnokalibernaya)

Russian designation is


some more info is available at my website here: although it appears that it is not semi-automatic but rather a straight-pull bolt action weapon.

WOW! Very cool gun, but super interesting ammunition. Totally wild! It would be cool seeing a sectioned round one day.


Jason, it is not that difficult, take a .338 Lapua Mag. case, cut it at 55mm length and seat a Russian 12.7 API projectile, then section it. And voila!

Not to forget; the official designation of this rifle is now “VKS”.

Thanks EOD! I am not familiar with those components. Are they hard to find? Those projectiles on those rounds are really neat.