Russian 12.7 x 108 mm for industrial use

Does anyone have pictures of any variation of the Russian 12.7 x 108 mm loaded for cleaning of heating boilers?

I’ve seen many boilers cleaned, but never involving shooting anything. I have seen kiln clinker guns, usually 8 gauge shotshells with a solid projectile. I’d be very interested in an explanation of how 12.7x108 would be used to clean boilers.

It’s used in the same way. There are five different loads with five different bullet weights ranging from 9 to 18 grams. I don’t know the exact composition of these bullets but they are probably made of lead or zinc.


I have never heard of any caliber 12.7x108 cartridges, or any other Soviet medium caliber cartridge beeing used for industrial or commercial purposes.

Who should have produced these? A Russian company? Why aren’t these offered commercially anywhere?

Can you give us more details of the informations you have please?


These were produced by LVE Plant of Novosibirsk and were commercially offered during early 2000’s. Five different loads were made:

  • 9 g (yellow)
  • 12 g (green)
  • 14 g (red)
  • 16 g (black)
  • 18 g (white)

That’s all I know about these rounds.

Any news about this?

Fede, to what I was just told the cartridges are looking like blanks, just with different colors of the wads.

Alex, do you know the source of this information? These are not blanks; they are loaded with very light projectiles.

Source is the maker but if the appearance is optically like a blank then somebody could have been misslead.