Russian 12.7x55 ammo for ASh-12 assault rifle

Had a chance to fire several rounds of PD-12 (subsonic, heavy bullet) rounds through ASh-12 assault rifle
here some photos


The cartridge display shows cartridge mass, bullet mass and velocity of the PD-12 subsonic round.
Is it possible to publish the corresponding data for the two PS rounds?


Any headstamp information?



PS-12A: Bullet wt: 7 gram, MV 870 m/s
PS-12B: Bullet wt 16.2 gram, MV not readable on any of my photos, sorry

“335 13” and “335 15”,

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And contdadicting the display the cases should be Boxer primed.

Fired cases that I sooped after the event are brass and have single flash hole (2-3mm) in the center

Dispaly cases has no rim!

the display cases base are embedded in the support so you can’t see the “rim”
on middle round if you had good sight you can see the start of extractor groove

Thanks a lot.
If the muzzle energy of PS-12A and PS-12B are similar, muzzle velocity of the latter should be in the 570 m/s ballpark.

Yes, that would be the Boxer cases as used for the ASh-12 ammo.
I assume the ones shown were mixed up, noone cared or it was “changed on purpose”.

Smart man!
Didnt see that, but the engraved plate is indeed holding the rounds by the rim.
Who would have thunk it :-)

That is awesome!! Thank you for sharing sir

on the first view i thinked the same thing as you but recently never see a development of round without extractor groove or rim extractor like many older experiments
but on the second picture you can see the extractor groove

Maybe of help.
Source internet.