Russian 120mm Navy Case

Who can identify this case that was made into a gong?
It looks Russian navy 120x576R so maybe a 45cal pattern 1892 or 50cal pattern 1905?
(from Wikipedia). Is it made at Tula and what is I.Z. ?
I cannot see any Russian case that matches in Hawkinson’s book and it does not look cut-down.

Mouth is out of round so 120mm approx.
576mm case. 130mm rim. 124mm base. 20mm primer.

Would this have been a fixed or separate case- there are no mouth crimps.
All help is appreciated .

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Ron , why Tula?
The “ИЗ” (Latin “IZ”) is the factory mark of the “United Izhorsk Factories” (Izhorskie Zavody) St. Petersburg.

As for the case ID:
The L/50 (Vickers) used bag charges so it must be the M1892 L/45 (Schneider-Canet).

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I really had little knowledge and thought the TT symbol may have been Tula but did look odd.
I have not seen many Russian cases or the IZ mark and the rim diameter did not match any case I could reference, so many thanks.

Ron, it may be a bit tricky without propper docs from Schneider-Canet as plenty of countries got their very own variants of one gun (design).
Means I saw this design also as an L/50 and there are mentioned versions for other countries (of the same gun) and for this one here there is a web entry as for Russia and another country (means only 2 users).
Also many countries had own wishes for some guns like they had to be accommodated for other calibers (means same cal. diameter but for example other cases which were in service already and the user did not want to have 2 calibers in 120mm as for the supply chain, production etc.).
Let alone certain other conditions issued as for propellant that was favoured and might have made changes in case length neccessary while still using the basic case design of the manufacturer etc.
So without solid documents from Schneider-Canet and Russia we are left to conclusions basing on the little we have.