Russian 125M APFSDS-T inert Projectile w/Sabot - ID Help Plz

I am happy to have just added my first Russian APFSDS projectile to my collection. This one is 125MM and has some interesting design features new to me. I am hoping someone can properly ID its type classification for me. There are so many that look almost just like it.


This hole is new to me. There is one of these tiny holes between 3 of the 5 fin spaces. Also, there is a single tiny hole on the leading edge of each fin tip that is driving my crazy. I have seen other Russian APFSDS projectiles with this same hole.

Jason the tiny holes in the fins contained small copper rivets which served as bore riders since the sabot is not supporting the whole projectile. As for the model designation I shall look up some docs and return if noone else will be faster.

Can you tell us the full markings on the projectile?

Can’t thank you enough! Those tiny holes were driving me crazy and I thought no one would solve their function :-) That makes a lot of sense. Thank you big time for your help trying to ID it. Do you happen to know what its core is? Tungsten?


It should be the:
3VBM-9 - complete round (propelling charge + projectile assembly - this ammo is separate loading)
3BM-22 - projectile only
3BM-23 - projectile assembly (which containes part of the propelling charge in a cardboard cylinder which is surrounding the fin section up to the sabot)

[quote=“APFSDS”]Do you happen to know what its core is? Tungsten?

As far as I know yes.

Fantastic! Thank you big time. Very grateful for your help.


Typed in “3VBM-9 APFSDS” and found this great site.

NICE Projectile! And Bamboo!


Jason, although this is not a 3BM-22 but a 3BM-15 you can appreciate the details of the copper rivets:

Thanks big time, Steve and Fede!