Russian 13x45mm rubber ball cartridge

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I have the 13x45mm rubber ball cartridge shown in the photos below. Does anyone have information on the cartridge and the firearms that fire it? Thank you


"5. Калибр 13х45

Патрон производится указанной нижегородской фирмой для перспективного револьвер “Ратник”. Конструктивно патрон является переделкой гильзы от ПСЖ “УДАР”. В патроне установлены две резиновые пули суммарной энергией в 110-120 Дж (каждая пуля имеет массу более 2г). Гильзы патронов бывают как стальные так и алюминиевые."



"5. Caliber 13x45


“The cartridge is manufactured by the specified Nizhny Novgorod company for the promising Ratnik revolver. Structurally, the cartridge is a modification of the sleeve from the PSG “UDAR”. The cartridge has two rubber bullets with a total energy of 110-120 J (each bullet has a mass of more than 2 g). Cartridge sleeves are both steel and aluminum.”

Патроны АКБС (Фортуна) к.13х45 (5 шт.)
Cartridges AKBS (Fortune) k.13h45 (5 pcs.)

Google Translation, with obvious mistakes:

GOOGLE TRANSLATION of the article:
The 13x45 traumatic cartridge was developed by the AKBS LLC Nizhny Novgorod company specifically for the Ratnik revolver and is not used in other types of self-defense weapons.

The 13x45 traumatic cartridge was developed by the AKBS LLC Nizhny Novgorod company specifically for the Ratnik revolver and is not used in other models of self-defense weapons. The cartridge occupies an intermediate position between the so-called “small-caliber injuries” of 9-10 mm caliber and the samples of barrel-free pistols for ammunition 18x45, 18.5x55 and 20.5x45.

This cartridge is created on the basis of a sleeve for the Udar complex (metered aerosol spray device). The cartridge sleeve 13x45 has a length of 45 mm and a diameter of 13 mm. At the bottom of the sleeve there is a flange (protrusion) characteristic of revolving ammunition, with which the cartridge is fixed in the drum.

The main feature of the cartridge was the use of two rubber bullets / balls with a diameter of about 12.5 mm as a throwing equipment. In order to increase the effectiveness of the “Warrior” complex (weapon + cartridge), it was decided to add metal powder to the rubber ball. As a result, the mass of each bullet reached 2.2 grams.
Comparative sizes of cartridges of caliber 9 PA (left), 13x45 (center) and 18x45 (right)

According to the manufacturer, the muzzle energy of one ball is 60 J. But it’s incorrect to talk about 120 J of total energy, since both bullets do not hit one point when firing, and the accuracy of firing already a few meters from the muzzle end is not comparable to modern models of traumatic weapons under single-bullet cartridges. Therefore, the Ratnik complex is most effective at extreme self-defense distances (1-2 meters).

Cartridge caliber 13x45 was not deprived of shortcomings. The most widespread problem was observed when using ammunition in an aluminum sleeve. Like the cans for the “Impact”, initially the cartridge sleeves 13x45 were made of aluminum, which negatively affected their reliability. During firing, the cartridges were periodically inflated or torn, which made their further extraction difficult. The problem was solved in early 2009 by switching to the production of steel sleeves.

The second problem was the unstable quality of the early batches of ammunition: the cartridges were often distinguished from each other by the weight of the gunpowder, the size and weight of the balls, and the depth of their “recession” in the sleeve. This led to the fact that the actual “power” varied from party to party.

Cartridges of caliber 13x45 on the bottom of the cartridge case were marked: “13x45” and “AKBS”. Ammunition in the steel sleeve was not marked. Cartridges are packed in a cardboard box of 5 pieces.


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