Russian 152mm dummy round for tank gun of T-14

I was looking for the 152mm ammunition of the T-14 for quite a while and finally found at least a dummy round which gives a good impression of the overall size.
Means the complete round seems to be about 1360mm long! And as we saw it from the 125mm it is separate loading as an auto loader hardly could handle such a long round.

Current T-14s in service (very few) are still equipped with the well known 125mm gun as the 152mm is still having bugs which is being worked on.

Anybody with better images?

Image source: internet.

152mm_dummy_for T14_Russia (1)152mm_dummy_for T14_Russia (2)

Nice photos Alex, thanks.
Are there even any photos/drawings of the T-14 (RU tank designations use a hyphen, US ones omit it) equipped with the proposed 152 mm?


For what it is worth, here is the Objekt 292, essentially a T-80U hull with a new turret built around the 152 mm LP-83 gun.

Ammunition capacity of 16 rounds.


I fixed the hyphen! Of course you are right and I usually would be the first to try to get it correct…

Yes, I have not seen the T-14 with the 152mm gun on.
I have the feeling that they seem not to want to risk a T-14 if anything goes wrong during tests.
As you may know combustible cases in auto loaders tend to cause catastrophic failures, and even more so when things are still being tested and experimented with. And I guess a blown up T-14 is the last they want the world to see or the word being spread amongst Russian tankers.

And as you see there are several test beds available which can be used for the tests.

As like this incident here was documented well and is on the mind of many tankers:

Thought it might be too early in the morning for you ;-)

I’ve not seen any documents or photos of it equipped it either. Only hearsay. Like you I’d think they’re waiting until it’s actually fully working before placing its turret onto an actual T-14 hull. There has been some talk about the 152 mm gun mounting directly into the existing 125 mm gun mantlet, but again there’s no proper documentation of it. The autoloader it self is probably the size of a small bus, judging by the shell and charge size :-)

And as for carousel loaders, you don’t need to look much further away than Ukraine to see an absolutely ridiculous amounts of mostly T-64 variants, but also some -72s, blown apart. What used to be T-64s:

Turrets get some airtime.
Bustle-mount autoloaders (Leclerc, Type 90 & 10, K2, etc) would make me feel more comfortable than a carousel one. Especially with 152 mm (or 130/140 mm as is the case in the West).


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Early? You mean “late” - that also makes up for the missing hyphen…

Yes, when looking at the losses in Ukraine and in particular Syria I would not like to be a tanker.
And from Syria we also have lots of video footage on this - many really unpleasant and graphic things I saw there.

Not that I am the one to decide but I would not like to be in a conventional tank with an autoloader. The T-14 with the unmanned turret is a real advantage here.

I believe the dummy cartridge shown here is from a much older 1980’s - early 2000’s era project the Object 477A1 “Nota”. It was part of the development line of the now T-14, but it may not accurately represent the size of the modern 152mm ammunition.

Hard to tell, and that would underline that the development is still going on.
I remember some colored charts of related rounds (no caliber given there) which do look slightly different. But no hardware.
Also it would fit the usual procedure to “publish” something else than what is the current status to simply deceive observers.

Same btw. works with the US 120mm M829A4 APFSDS round. False cutaways mislabeled on purpose (showing the older A3) as the true thing seems to be highly classified. The few known details imply it is far from a “normal” design (precursor sub-projectiles with programmable separation time - guess depending on target range).

This is why I asked for more images if one happens to have these. And as so often the true thing will be different from all we saw and anticipated before.

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Yes that is very true, unfortunately the only other photos I have showing the “ammunition” are these designs (I don’t know where they came from) but they do show the ammunition storage inside the Object 477A1.

To what I see in this diagram it could fit the photo above. Keep in mind that we see here part of the storage tubes.
And the shown one here seems not to have an auto-loader right?

As said, I am curious what we will get to see when the first T-14 with a 152mm gun will be presented (if ever?).

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For you Russian speakers…
Here is an approximation of or an attempt at explaining the 477’s autoloader, by a Russian native speaker:

Here is the autoloader casette:


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