Russian .22

I have a Federal .22 with a dimple in the base and a Russian .22 with a dimple in the base.
I was told the Russian round was introduced for the Olympic games and thats all I know about it. I would be grateful if some one could tell me the maker and year.

Thank you for any help

Here’s a box dated 89 & perhaps google will translate. I also have an 1989 box of the same style but with copper cased non dished heads and reversed colors.
These shown are inert dummys Also the earliest box of this styple I have is 1984 but it is empty.
edit I had the wrong box photographed before this is correct.

No luck with a translation there are some letters in the Russian alphabet that I could not find, like the uppercase A without the cross bar

I should add in the tray-front tof this type box they state made in CCCP or made in Russia MOSCOW The one pictured says CCCP

As for the Federal .22 round, yes, the dimple is to ensure that the priming compound is distributed to every part of the rim. I recently acquired a box of this same ammo, was very intrigued by it. I was told it was made for the 1996 Olympics, this checks out as it is 1995 production ammunition. Very good and very expensive from what I’m told.

As for the Russian/Soviet .22, could be to indicate its a dummy or it could be the same idea…

I was informed that the Russians were the first to do it and introduced it at the Olympics, the team were instructed to pick up there empty cases so no one could see the new priming method.
I was also told it was very accurate but expensive to manufacture.


I understand made in Russia but by who and what was the first year of manufacture. The person I got my round from seemed to think it was in the 70s

For an overview of Russian .22 ammunition including target and Olympic .22 ammunition see: . See the OLI-3 section, right hand page listed under LR-2 (OLIMP-R) is a reference to a 4-4 headstamp which apparently is an impressed center (dimpled) headstamp. For the 1972 Russian Olympic shooting teams. , see section FED-22 for Federal Gold Medal with the dimple in the case head.

FWIW here is a 2017 web listing for ПАТРОН СПОРТИВНЫЙ ВИНТОВОЧНЫЙ «ОЛИМП-В» КАЛИБРА 5,6 ММ (.22LR)

Google translation-

Produced by TsNIITOChMASh in Klimovsk, Russia (factory # 61)

The case dimple is still in use. Here a most recent image from the web.

Brian, read all markings on these boxes carefully. Many variants do exist!
The “Olimp-B” is the “Biathlon” variant.
“Olimp” here of course is the Russian spelling for “Olymp”.

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The letter looking like a lambda Λ is an alternative form of the letter Л (“L”). It’s especially common in logos, packet design and stylized titles.


Thank you gentlemen I now have all the information I wanted and it is apreciated.



I have a couple of 22 LR with “dimples” in the heads. One is a dummy and the other is a loaded round. Both dimples have different appearances and neither look like the one above.russian%2022%20dummy%20217%20hs


The dummy round I had listed as Russian and I assumed the loaded round was Russian also. My question is are these also Olympic target rounds or something else?



The variant with a small dimple showed up as early as 1966 in “Target” brand boxes, while the wide and shallower variant can be found in “Extra” brand boxes dated as early as 1963. Both were made by Klimovsk.

From Federal’s 1993 International catalog:



The Russian one has a shallower flat bottomed dimple and the case has 2 crimp marks going around the case about 3/4 of the way up the case (see photo)

The Federal one has a deeper dimple and a concave bottom, no crimp marks.

I bought a case of Federal Gold medal match in the mid 90s’ for about $5.50 a box, when I was shooting competition. I have not seen it available for the last couple years, anywhere.
It was noicably more accurtae then Federal Match, and every bit as good as- or better than- the best Eley you could get. I gave away a lot of Eley back then.
I still have 10 or 12 boxes… somewhere…

Cartridges “Olimp (Olympus)”; for a rifle.
High accuracy of shooting is guaranteed.
Dangerous at a distance of up to 1.5 km.
Next comes the batch number and year of issue - 1989.

I’ve found .22 on some Russian bazaar once, my friend found Soviet 7.62x35 SP-3. He says Udelnaya flea market is the best one to find something rare. Have anyone been there? I’ve read it and it says ‘not every trader knows the true value of their goods’ and it sounds good, I think I’ll visit it and maybe I’ll be lucky enough.