Russian .303 case


I think it’s interesting. Since the end of 2012 in Novosibirsk (LVE-plant) are trying to produce .303 British cases of bimetal. While it turns out a lot of defects.
Here you can see one of the defective cartridges.


OK I am going to ask the obvious, what types of defects occurred? Vic


nice case
the russian would start production of this caliber ?
with “bimetal” case i would had these in my collection


Can someone please explain ‘bimetal’?

Looks like a ‘pinched’ bit of metal up from the rim on the left hand side - maybe that is the defect on this particular case?


Bimetal is the term used in Russia and elsewhere to describe steel cases with a copper or othe metal surface, often refered to as CWS e. g.


Bimetal is the term used in Russia and elsewhere to describe steel cases with a copper or other metal surface, often referred to as CWS e. g.

Correct Hans and as you know it is also wrong as it is copper clad.


Thanks. That is what I thought it looked like but wasn’t sure.



I know of the problem, thank you for the reminder! In my understanding the term “bimetal” leaves the exact way open, how the surface comes to be.



Hans, correct! The Russian “bimetall” is covering cladding as well as galvanization (see “GZh”).

And not to forget that the official Russian markings on crates never say “bimetal” but just:
“GZh” = iron case (means copper clad steel cases or brass washed steel cases)
“GS” = steel case (means laquered steel cases)
“GSP” = steel case with polymer coating (in use since 2010)
And here no subject but to have it complete:
“GL” = brass case
"GA" = aluminum case (so far only observed in 1962 on supposedly experimental aluminum cases)

Romanian ammo boxes labels

About the defects


Very interesting

odd they would have issues, given the experience with the 7.62x54r

I notice the rim is form like the 54r, then trimmed off


So they finally made it to the US market. Sadly not to Europe…

Anybody got already his hands on? If so could a bullet be taken apart and checked for the core material please??? … tal-case-a


very good price
i would like to bought one box
in the future is possible that this caliber appear in europe (is a common caliber even now in france because is now a hunting and sporting caliber)


Shooters in the UK have complained about good surplus .303 ammo getting hard to find. Much of it is so old that the primers are unreliable.

Hopefully the Wolf will make it here.


Picked up a dummy at the Shot Show this year & on it the rim along with everything else is copper clad. Struck brass primer, small hole lower mid-case, & shined up. Same headstamp, looks almost like they wanted to put a date on it.


Pete, yes the date area is left blank here. As these were firstly made in the time when they stopped to apply dates (2012-2013) I think we will not see them dated.


Pete - the bunter may have been made with a date, and then due to production delays, the date removed to comply with their new system at LVE.
They have, since about 2013, brought their headstamp in line with SAAMI and CIP guidelines - that is, maker’s mark at the top, caliber at the bottom. I have a current 9 x 18 mm NUPE CWS case (perhaps plated - I will continue to use the “CWS” appellation since I have not the tech skills to tell what manner of application of the copper coating was used) with headstamp “LVE 9x18 MAKAROV.” No date and a well-centered headstamp indicating the bunter was never intended to have a date.

I was told that they are doing this now with all ammo intended for commercial sales, rather than domestic military, police or contract ammo.


John, yes, all other commercial calibers are also marked this way now. Means new bunters have no position for the date anymore (void or not).

Also the .303 here was in fact the very first hs they made in this caliber where they were still working on the technical problems of making steel cases in this caliber.
Why exactly this hs made it out to the market is unknown but wondered people in the factory as they said this (initial lot?) was not meant to go anywhere.
So it is a surprise to see them in the US.


Just to be up to date:

Did those .303 from LVE actually show up on the commercial market in the US?
I mean life rounds which are/were for sale and intended for use, no factory show dummies etc.
I do not mean sale advertizements as there they are declared as “out of stock”.

Anyone who has seen/owned them?