Russian 30x29mmB Spam Can Lid? Interpretation of Lid Markings Please


Is this for 30x28mm ammunition?

Interpretation of markings as outlined in red in the photo below:
Top left
Top right
Lower left
Lower right

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!!

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Brian, yes, these are 30x29B.
Here just 30 rounds for the AGS-30 (I am not sure if the ammunition is still interchangable with AGS-17 ammo as they named the AGS-30 here).

The load here is the HE-Frag “GPD-30” loaded with phlegmatized RDX.
Loading lot is 01-17 (quite fresh) and propellant is NBPL 14-10 from lot 2 of 2016

Fuze is VMG-M from lot 15 of 2016.

No factories given on the tin as they must be on the wooden crates.

Here an image of the GPD-30, not to be confused with the VOG-17 and VOG-17M (source internet):


Excellent information. Thank you very much! I’ve changed the thread title to reflect the correct size designation for the ammunition contained in the spam can.

Some sources list 30x28mm while other sources list 30x29mm, so the correct designation should be 30x29mmB and not 30x28mmB?


Brian, good question!
Somewhen I logged it in my brain as 30x29B.
If one will be faster than me he may measure a case and tell the exact length?

I measured two examples from different manufacturers there now, and I’m getting 28.15mm and 28.4mm.

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Brian and Muskey, thank you for pointing this out!
I measured some fired cases and also found them to be below 28.5mm (as for rounding), so they are to be designated as 30x28B!
I had to check all my files (plenty) and rename them all. Most are done and plenty are still ahead.

So thank you both for getting this straight!!!
And sorry for the confusion!