Russian 37.5 mm MS-1 Semi-Automatic Smoothbore Gun Cartridge (Rocket Assist?), 1943

I ran across this reference and thought it might be of some interest.

The source is rusarchives (original page in Russian)
(Google translate page, attempted translation into English)

Google translated text:

"The scheme of aviation gun MS-1 V.L. Sidorenko, L.N. Mikhailov. 1943

Branch RGANTD. F.R.-1. Op.50-5. D.2369. LL.7-9.

The 37.5 mm MS-1 aviation semi-automatic smoothbore gun is designed for installation in the rear fuselage of single-seater aircraft for aimed fire in the rear hemisphere using special sights. Aiming is done by turning the aircraft. "

Below are 2 of the schematics accompanying the text, the first shows some details of the “cartridge” and the second shows the gun with cartridge:

Note the cartridge which appears to be a rocket assist projectile, initially fired from a short cartridge case.

Additions, corrections & discussion are most welcomed.


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Thanks for posting this, Brian, very interesting!