Russian .430 Tranter?

Did the Russians ever load .430 Tranter?
A cartridge in my collection matches .430 Tranter dimensions.
H/s seems to read “Russia” in russian with a six-point star at the bottom.
Any help appereciated.

Please, can you post pictures and dimensions?

Here we go…

Rim: 12.62 mm .496"
Base: 11.33 mm .446"
Mouth: 11.28 mm .444"
Case: 17.13 mm .675"
COL: 28,27 mm 1.113"

After checking “Culots de Munitions Atlas” by Jorion & Regenstrief I believe the text reads “RUSSKII ZAVOD” What the remaining two letters mean I do not know.
So What is it? I’m all ears.

The headstamp indicates that the cartridge was made by/for the Russian Cartridge Factory (Р.П.З.) in Moscow. It can be found in several spelling variations, all attributed to this factory.

It is very difficult to distinguish a .430 from a .442 based solely on dimensions, but in my opinion it is most likely a .442, considering that the bullet has a visible cannelure and that this caliber was also made by other Russian factories and by European companies using cyrillic headstamps.



Another problem solved, thanks Fede.