Russian .45 Rubber Cartridge


I am totally familiar with the 9 mm Rubber cartridge first brought out in Eastern Europe. However, I recently have seen a box label, from Russia, for the “.45 Auto Rubber” cartridge. I had never heard of this. Is this loaded in a conventional .45 auto case? Can anyone supply a picture of this round?


Photo of cartridges in an inert condition … 088318.jpg


Very nice!
Could you also post a picture of the contents from the 9mm box?


I searched in Russian using the Google translator and found many Russian forums & sites with photos of various rubber cartridges. I found one that looks like a real .45acp rubber cartridge here:

which comes from a website here that has other specialty rds:

Here are some loads labeled as being 18x45 and there is a rubber load amongst them:

Here are some other pics that I found:

Here’s a whole thread about rubber cartridges:

Another great thread with many photos:

In the U.S. there are the “X-Ring” brand rubber bullets which are usually just sold as loading components for indoor use as a primer-powered load, but very recently Paraklese Technologies has been selling loaded .45acp, .45LC, .40S&W, 44mag, 9mm, and .38spl versions of this:


Thank you everyone! I have samples of some of those calibers and types, all inert (which frankly,
these days, no longer bothers me a bit. Might even be better! I envy some of those in the pictures
though. I wish it was easier to get stuff out of and into Russia. I have hundreds of decent cupes in
pistol ammunition I would love to trade from stuff like this (only in the pistol calibers), but my attempts
to make trades have not been successful. Most recently a shipment of inert rounds was lost on its
way to ECRA that had stuff for many people including me. Some of the items lost can never be

Well, again, thanks for the info to all of you. How quickly this Forum educates us to something we have
not seen before at all. It is all you good people that ARE the Forum.


John, here a case made by TEKhKRYM. I think it has thinner case walls than a regular round.
Case weight (fired) is 5.8 gram. Maybe one can compare it to a regular case.


EOD - seems fairly normal. I just weighed, on RCBS Electronic Scale, an R - P case at 5.73 Grams,
and a ELD (El Dorado Cartridge Company) case at 6.08 grams. Both are plain brass cases, not
plated, and both had the fired primer in place.


John, ok, I had the impression that they made these ones thinner since many others are splitting the case mouths upon firing.
Not particular on these .45 but on 9mm. So I got mislead initially. Thanks for weighing the regular cases.


very nice pictures of these russian cartridges
hard to find on the net (for me)