Russian 7,62 box


Recently acquired is this little box. Does anyone have any information about it and what it contained, needless to say, it arrived empty.

It’s roughly 62x42x20mm.

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“Revolver cartridges, caliber 7,62 mm, 14 pieces”. Nagant revolver ammo.



The one with the cylinder that pushed forward so as to form a gas seal between the case mouth and the barrel?

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That’s the one. Need a full one???


What is approximate age of this box? The only Nagant ammo I ever fired was brand new.


This is post war production for the Soviet guard organization “VOKhR”. Likely with a reduced charge.


Loaded with lead wad-cutter bullets, if I recall correctly.


Jon, actually these should have regular FMJ projectiles (mine also has). The wad cutters are sporting cartridges not related to these here and they had other boxes - like this one (unfortunately it is empty):


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Just in case anyone wants to know what VOKhR means


Didn’t the very last loadings of these use 7.62 Tokarev bullets?

Apparently some security guards still carry Nagant revolvers in Russia today. Is this correct?


Correct they used some Tokarev projectiles in 1987 and 1989. Haven’t heard about them still being used today.